Join our tours to learn nature photography right where it all happens!

learn in the wilderness

Our exclusive tours

  • Learn how to use a DSLR camera, necessary for wild animal photography.
  • You will be provided a high-quality camera with a zoom lens for the tour. You are also welcome to use your own camera.
  • Chances to photograph wild deer, elk, eagles, waterfowl etc.
  • Tours arranged all around the year.
  • Pick-up and drop-off at your location in Helsinki.
  • Snack included.
  • Small group sizes (max. 6 persons).

150 €/ person

For the trip you will need outdoor clothes suitable for the current weather. 
If needed, waterproof boots will be provided for you.

About the trip

The trip starts from Helsinki and after about a 50-minute drive we will arrive at our destination by the Baltic Sea. During the tour you will be provided with enough skills and knowledge to start your own wildlife photography hobby.

During a 2 km hike in the forest  we will search for birds and deer or even an elk to practise your new camera skills on. After the hike we will drive back to Helsinki hopefully with our memory cards full of nature photographs! In a week after the tour you will receive a link from where you can download the photographs you have taken on the tour if you used one of our cameras.

For the trip you will need outdoor clothes suitable for the current weather. If needed, waterproof boots will be provided for you.

From start to finish the trip will take approximately 5 hours. For less walking, check out our new tour “The Wildlife Drive” in the booking section!

Don´t hesitate to contact us by phone or email if you have questions about our tours!


Local wildlife


Perhaps the most majestic animal in Finnish forests.  The moose is the biggest animal in Finland and fairly common in forest areas around Helsinki. Because it is usually a timid animal, sightings are not that frequent, but with some luck we can meet this magnificent beast during our hike.

White-tailed deer

This relatively large animal is common in Southern Finland and can often be seen at least when driving a car in the area. It is pretty shy but can also be sighted on foot when walking quietly. It often stares right at you for a while when encountered, and this provides an opportunity to get good pictures of this animal.

Roe deer

The roe deer is a small deer and also quite common in Southern Finland. Like the white-tailed deer and the moose, this animal will evade sudden sounds but can be sighted on when moving noiselessly. A common sight in open fields from a car.

The largest bird of prey in Finland. Often seen soaring high in the air in coastal areas of Finland. Close-range sightings are rare, because this bird is very wary of humans. Can be seen all around the year.


This is the smallest bird species in all of Europe. It is a common bird but not that often noticed because of its tiny size. Often very fearless while searching for food off trees. A very quick-moving bird, so taking sharp pictures will be a challenge!

The black woodpecker is the largest woodpecker in Europe. More often heard than seen. It spends much time in dense forests with little light, therefore decent photographs will be challenging to get.

Your experienced wildlife guide​

From an early age I have been passionate about nature and wildlife, and early on I started to carry a camera with me on my birdwatching trips.

Through countless trips in nature my knowledge about birds and Finnish wildlife grew quickly and my years in Helsinki have led me to know many excellent places to spot local wildlife. Now, as a certified nature and wilderness guide, my mission is to share the excitement and joy of exploring the wildlife with you!

Antti Lehtonen
your nature and wilderness guide